A grace/transition period has been granted for the implementation of the QR Code

Costa Rica has made the decision to delay the requirement of being vaccinated to enter a list of establishments starting December 1st that had been announced as we explained in our latest article (you can read it here). The government has now decided to leave the month of December as a transition period before finally requiring the full vaccination scheme for certain establishments starting January 2022.

Starting December 1st until January 7th, Commercial Establishments defined by the Government as Nonessential (hereinafter “NeCE”, see the current list below)  will be able to choose to operate under:

  1. 100% capacity mode, by requesting people over the age of 12 to prove their full vaccination scheme with the QR code, or a printed vaccination certificate; OR
  2. 50% capacity mode, by not requesting people to prove their full vaccination scheme.

All NeCE establishments must have a visible sign to identify the capacity that they will be using, which means that they must take the decision on the modality to apply in advance and not depending on the customers appearing from time to time.

Starting January 8th, 2022, all NeCE will be required to only admit people who are able to prove a full vaccination scheme, starting to implement the new QR code.

We remind you the current list of NeCE:

  • Restaurants, sodas, cafeterias, food courts and food trucks.
  • Bars and casinos.
  • General stores, department stores and shopping centers
  • Museums.
  • Fitness centers.
  • Hotels, cabins or hospitality establishments.
  • Spas.
  • Activities, organizations or congregations in places of worship
  • Event rooms for business, academic or social activities.
  • Adventure tourism.
  • Theaters, cinemas, art and dance academies, and artistic activity establishments.
  • Sports activities establishments.

The list of establishments marked as essentials, where no QR code is required and any person can enter no matter if they are vaccinated or not, is at the moment the following:

  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Banks

More establishments may be added to the lists (as NeCE or as Essentials), you can sign up here to receive our newsletter.

The remaining restrictions for the month of November remain the same as the had been previously announced, you can find them here.

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