Taxpayers have now time until November 15, 2022 to prepare the D-101 Form

We can close this week with good news that were just announced by the Tax Administration for Inactive Corporations: The term to file the new Declaration on the Income Tax for Inactive Corporations (the simplified form D-101) has been extended to November 15, 2022.

The corresponding Resolution, N. DGT-R-21-2022 is expected to be published at the beginning of the next week.

This new extension has been granted by the Tax Administration to ensure a proper compliance with the new requirement, which had already been postponed because of the hack of the Tax Website which restarted to function just recently. In response to multiple queries formulated by the Taxpayers, the Tax Administration will also use this extension to provide clarifications on the regulations that created the obligation for Inactive Corporations to submit the D-101 form for Income Tax purposes as well as guidance on how to fulfill the form.

At CRIBO, we will continue working with our Accounting Department to help our Clients prepare for the submission of the form.

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