This past Sunday, May 8, 2022, Rodrigo Chaves started his government as the new Costa Rican President. On the same day, Chaves announced a decree that eliminates the mandatory use of face masks. The corresponding Decree number 43.543-S was not published in the official gazette until the following Wednesday, May 11, 2022, date in which the new rules regarding face masks were made effective.

According to the new rules, the use of face masks is now only mandatory for front line health employees and for people who enter health centers. Outside of these specific exceptions, the use of the face masks will be left at each person´s discretion.

The decision of banning the mandatory use of face masks has been questioned, not only by health professionals, including the Health Minister Jocelyn Chacón, but also by other parts of the Government, like the President of the Congress, Rodrigo Arias, who said that this decree was inopportune and asked the President to reconsider his decision. Despite the critics, the Decree is in force and effective as of May 11, 2022.

At CRIBO, we will continue keeping precautionary measures to protect the health of our employees and Clients, and the use of the masks will be voluntary.

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