Good news for Temporary and Permanent Residents

Through Resolution No. DJUR-0197-12-2021-JM, the Migration and Foreigners (hereinafter “DGME”, for its Spanish acronym) has decided to extend all DIMEX expired from October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022.

The measure is applicable for the following migratory categories: Residencia Permanente (Permanent Residency), Residencia Temporal (Temporary Residency), Categorías Especiales (Special Categories) and the subcategory Estancia (Estancia Visa).

We share the details of these new measures published by the DGME:

  1. Renewal appointments: Those who have a renewal appointment between January 11 and 21, 2022, at Banco de Costa Rica, VES specialized window at the Costa Rican Post Office and/or central/regional offices at Migration, will be attended. As of January 22, 2022 – and until September 30, 2022, no renewal procedures will be attended.
  1. For those who already paid the renewal deposit: As of January 12, central and regional offices remain available to request a refund, presenting the payment receipt.
  1. Clarifications on the relevance of the expiration date: If your DIMEX is for Permanent Residency, you can benefit from the extended validity even if your DIMEX expired before October 1, 2021. Otherwise, if your DIMEX is for a category other than that of Permanent Residency, that is, if it is a DIMEX of Temporary Residency, Special Category or Estancia, it will be extended only if it expired after October 1, 2021, since if it was already expired on that date, you would no longer be able to carry out the renewal process in the ordinary way.
  1. Fines: If your DIMEX expired before January 10, 2022, please take into account that you will still need to cancel a fine regarding all pending months.
  1. Extension of the Term: After September 30, 2022, the DIMEX shall be renewed in the three (3) subsequent months.

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