Costa Rica celebrates 73 years without an Army

Today we commemorate one of the most memorable days in Costa Rican history: the Day of the Abolition of the Army (“Día de la Abolición del Ejército”). 

The President at that moment, José Figueres Ferrer, made the decision on December 1st, 1948 to abolish the Army, and convert the Bellavista Military Barracks to the now National Museum headquarters.

The resources that were historically spent on a defense system based on weapons have been reinvested in eduction, healthcare, environment protection and infrastructure. This was one step closer to achieving the “Pura Vida” lifestyle in Costa Rica, and living at peace.

Please bear in mind that Army Abolition Day is a non-paid legal holiday  (“feriado de no pago obligatorio“) in Costa Rica and that this year it has been anticipated to November 29th, 2021.


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